BACKFLOW - What is it and why is prevention so important? (cont’d) A backflow assembly is a mechanical device installed in plumbing systems that keeps pollutants and contaminated water from entering the drinking water system in the event of a backflow situation. If you have a lawn sprinkler system, state and local law requires that you have an approved backflow assembly installed and tested every year. Irrigation systems not protected by an approved backflow prevention assembly could endanger the health of a household or neighborhood. Please do your part to keep drinking water safe. If you have questions about annual testing requirements, backflow preventers, or whether or not you have one, please contact us.


Back Flow and Your Water Supply

There are situations when foreign particles enter the safe and clean water supply causing problems to the users. This is referred to as backflow and is caused due to high and negative pressure available in the water line. This is the reason why backflow control is really crucial to keep the water supply free from any harmful contaminants. Every home and commercial establishment needs to be furnished with a backflow prevention system to overcome all the damage caused due to contaminated water, and more so in Florida where the water is not the best in the first place.

The process of backflow occurs when contaminated water is passed into the water pipe and goes to potable water source. This in turn renders the water not safe and pure for drinking. Backflow occurs when there is no proper pressure in the water pipe to keep the flow of water intact. In order to prevent drinking contaminated water, you can get a professional backflow control system installed. Such a system can help a great deal to avoid potable water system from being in contact with the impure water, thus making you ill. It is very important to use the services of a licensed professional plumbing company toinstall or repair your back flow system or sprinkler system.

An Air gap serves to be the simplest and least expensive method to avoid the problem of backflow. Air gap is basically the open place that exists between the fixture that is linked with a plumbing system and the area in which water gets accumulated. A large number of cities require that homes and commercial spaces should feature backflow preventers. These systems generally need proper inspection each year to ensure that they are working as expected and that installation has been done professionally and safely. When the backflow control system works properly, you can get safe and clean drinking water, but there can be situations when the backflow system may fail and then you will experience water flowing in backward direction thereby contaminating the water.

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Like other plumbing fixtures, backflow systems can also wear down in time. It is a great idea to hire the specialized services of a trustedback flow specialist and get the backflow prevention system inspected and maintained from time to time. Also, contaminated water may result in serious health related problems. Therefore if you want to save yourself and your family from any risks and dangers of contaminated and unsafe water, better make sure that the type of backflow control system you get is of high quality. By hiring professional plumbing services, you can actually make your loved ones safer. Read More….